Senior School


Senior School (Years 10 - 12)

Our Senior Schooling program offers opportunity for students to experience diverse and challenging, academic and vocational programs delivered by caring, dedicated teaching professionals. Selecting the right pathway is crucial for each student. We want students to have the greatest possible options for gaining access to higher education or employment possibilities. I am proud of the continued success of our past and present students as they grow into mature young men and women, secure in their place in God’s world.”  

Mr Andrew Priaulx - Head of Secondary School

Watch this video of our 2016 Year 12 Graduates as they received an Honour Guard as they left our gates for the last time!

Mr Priaulx - Deputy Principal with Senior student

Senior School at Caloundra Christian College builds on the strong foundations built in Middle School, supporting students as they grow in maturity and looking to their futures beyond school.

Staff are keenly aware of the needs of students enrolling at this level, and give special assistance to help with their transition.

With a broad curriculum emphasis on leadership development, peer mentoring and community service combined with an active chapel and student welfare program, Senior students are actively engaged in preparing well for an exciting future.

We offer both academic and vocational curriculum streams in our Senior program, supporting students in their chosen pathway.  All Senior subjects are supported with an extensive program approved by the Queensland Studies Authority.

Students may follow a pathway towards University study, with opportunities to study at tertiary institutions within their secondary access programs (e.g. Headstart at the University of Sunshine Coast).  Alternatively students can choose a vocational education pathway involving subjects with an industry placement as part of the curriculum.  An innovative part of this curriculum involves school-based traineeships with a combination of school study classes, paid employment and on-the-job training.Whichever career options they choose, we pray and work towards each graduate being confident in who they are, so they enter adulthood with purpose and readiness to serve God and their community.


If a student wishes to study a subject not offered by the College, arrangements can be made through the Brisbane School of Distance Education, with full supervision provided by our Staff in the Independent Learning Centre.

You can read more information about our Senior subjects here.


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