Mission, Vision

& Core Beliefs

“You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13


reason for being:

We provide a quality Christ-centred education, strong foundations for life and learning; building blocks from which our students can shape futures of fulfilment and purpose. Every child counts.



To provide quality Christ-centred education, strong foundations for life and learning.



Together, creating an authentic learning community where students and staff flourish, with Christ at the helm.


Core Belief

Every child is unique and created in God’s image.


For Life


We seek God with
all our heart.


We do what is right,
not what is easy.


We rise by
lifting others.


We stretch ourselves
beyond what is comfortable.


for learning


We learn to question, so we can question to learn.


We are created
to create.


We seek to understand
then be understood.


We improve by
failing forward.



au·​then·​tic | \ ə-ˈthen-tik 

Genuine, fully trustworthy and real.

At CalCC, we firmly believe that the overall outcome of all we do and how we do it has to be genuine learning by our students. We recognise that students engage in learning when it is rigorous and purposeful, incorporating problem-solving, creative thinking and real-world situations. Students learn best when they see themselves as worthwhile contributors and team members of something bigger than themselves.


1. Biblical Foundations

We are committed to providing quality Christ-centred teaching. This doesn’t just happen in a Religious Education lesson, but through everyday interactions during the school day. Our philosophy is not to indoctrinate, but to challenge students to explore what God’s Word really says and consider their personal response to it.

2. Literacy and Numeracy

Communication and data play a significant role in our modern, complex society. At CalCC, our programs emphasise the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills to build a strong foundation that allows our students to understand and be understood in whatever field they are drawn to.

3. Engagement through Innovation

Our approach to learning seeks to engage our students, not just in a subject, but in the world around them and the impact they can have on it. Our teachers use real-world problem-solving opportunities, design-based thinking and enquiry-based learning to support our students to develop the skills needed to be lifelong learners. We continue to invest in our digital learning environment, equipping students with the essential skills to thrive in our digital world.


4. Data-Driven Practices

We understand the importance of using accurate data from purposeful, quality assessment that allows us to make well-informed decisions about students’ learning. 

5. Support for the Individual

We don’t just teach subjects, we teach students. Our goal is to support students with a range of abilities by providing support and extension opportunities. Our Independent Learning Centre (ILC) works in collaboration with teachers to support those with ascertained learning needs.

6. Rigorous in Relationship

We believe achievement occurs in an environment of high expectations and psychological safety. Our aim is to offer a rigorous program, within a safe and supportive learning community, and ensure students have access to support and opportunities for extension. 

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