“I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” 3 John 1:2

Strong wellbeing connects us to a sense of belonging, self-worth and purpose. This helps students to overcome life’s challenges, build healthy relationships and engage positively at school so they can flourish.

Why do we value 

wellbeing at calCC?

Our core belief is that every student is unique and made in God’s image. Each young person that attends CalCC has unique character traits, abilities, experiences and aspirations. We know that wellbeing is key to our students’ success at the College and in life and our desire is that they grow to be the person God designed them to be, living life abundantly.

Sometimes, students experience challenges in their relationships, health or life circumstances. Your children matter to us and we are here to care for them, walking alongside them as they navigate their struggles with our support.

We are new to the school this year and each of my children has had an extremely positive start. There is genuine care for each individual child and for their unique attributes. Teachers took the time to listen to my concerns about my daughter’s reading ability, observed and tested her that very same day, and gave me feedback to ease my concerns.

– Emily Higgins, Parent


Who are our 

wellbeing team?

The CalCC wellbeing team consists of two professionals, a chaplain and a counsellor. They are both located in the Wellbeing Hub, behind the Resource Centre. Students love hanging out there, playing games, relaxing and having fun. It is also a safe place to chat, share life and pray.

Chaplain (Chappy): Linda White

Chappy has been a parent at CalCC for many years and our Chappy since 2017. She is married and a busy mum to three children. Chappy Linda has served in Christian ministries with children for many years and also has a Diploma of Counselling. Her favourite things to do include spending time with family and friends, nature walks and relaxing at home. She is incredibly passionate about loving students as Jesus loves them.

Counsellor: Fiona Cran

Fiona (Fi) began working in CalCC in 2021 and loves counselling in the setting of a Christian school. She started her career as a mental health nurse in 1986 in Wales. A move to Australia saw her working in full-time ministry roles including as head College Pastor of a large Christian school. She combines her mental health training with her theology degree to offer a biblically informed counselling practice using the wisdom of the Bible to offer practical strategies and provide hope for students. She is married with four children and three grandchildren who she loves to spend time with, hanging out at the beach or hiking in the bush. Her passion is to see young people thrive and for them to reach their God-given potential.

What do they do?


Chappy Linda

Our Chappy, Linda White, is on hand to befriend and mentor students. With a desire to build strong relationships with children of all ages, she is a listening ear and is always available to chat and pray with students. You will see her in classrooms, in the playground and hanging out with students in the Wellbeing Hub. Chappy provides a safe space for students to share their stories and concerns without judgment, regardless of what they are experiencing.

Chappy celebrates students’ wins and also provides care when life is not going so well. She works with students both one on one and in class situations, where she may present a message on friendships, as well as with families of the College. Her prayer is that students come to know Jesus, and, in the process, learn to love God, love others and love themselves. She will ‘go big or go home’ when it comes to dress-up days and she loves getting to know the students in a deeper way, especially on camps.


Chappy facilitates lunchtime events like ‘Wacky Wednesday’. This is a popular event where students enjoy games and activities, build friendships and have a ball! She also supports student-led lunchtime groups which seek to provide a connection point for students that encourages them in everyday living.


Junction (Chapel) is a place where we learn to love God and others, representing the horizontal and vertical axis of the cross. Messages are topical, relevant and thought-provoking, with guest speakers sharing messages from God’s Word that have real-life application for students. Fun games, Bible reading, Junction band, the message and prayer time all combine to create  a place that really engages students’ hearts and minds, helping them know God and grow in their faith and service to Him.


It has been a blessing and encouragement to see children during Junction engage in such a deep level of personal worship while singing and a hunger for understanding when a message is being shared. There is no shame or embarrassment but an acceptance by others that we are all on a journey together as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is, what He has done and what He continues to do in and through us.

Luke Bracks, Head of Primary.


His Word 

is a lamp unto our feet

Psalm 199:105



Our College Counsellor sees every student as unique, with their own story, which may include times of shining and times of struggling. She feels privileged to journey with students using a tailor-made approach to meet their needs and offering a listening ear and practical coping strategies. Fi combines biblical wisdom with compassionate, creative interactions in order to encourage students’ self-discovery towards wellbeing. She provides therapeutic input, with strategies based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, play therapy, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Counselling sessions are creative and interactive, focusing on helping students to explore their feelings and emotions through talking, being creative, playing games and role play. A special aspect of CalCC is that the Foundations for Life and Learning are embedded into every aspect of College life, including counselling. Aligning and exploring the foundations as a connection to a student’s journey in a counselling space is a powerful tool. It reinforces the foundations as an authentic framework, building practical strategies for life. If further support is required, Fi is also able to refer student to external support agencies and other counsellors and psychologists.


I appreciate all you do. Our child had an amazing time with you yesterday and this truly supported her so much.




Fi is passionate about equipping students. Each term,  she provides  the opportunity   for a number of students to attend weekly sessions of ‘Thrive’. This program enhances their life skills, offering a toolkit of coping skills as well as strategies for decision-making, creating healthy relationships and developing emotional resilience. The group uses games, videos, discussion, biblical wisdom and creative interactions in an informal setting, where Fi’s famous hot chocolate is always on the menu!


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