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CalCC provides a wide range of extra-curricular programs to stretch eager minds, extend learning and allow students to build on their academic passions.

Robotics &



Caloundra Robotics Innovation & Business (CRIB) is a club for students to discover the world of robotics, technology and entrepreneurship. This weekly program involves both structured teaching time as well as the opportunity for students to independently explore a range of digital tools, such as augmented and virtual reality software, robots, drones and 3D printers.

Students are immersed in a range of different educational opportunities that specifically focus on digital technology and robotics.

Students actively learn how to use technology to solve real-world problems all while working as part of a team, learning how to overcome problems creatively and further developing their understanding in key learning areas such as mathematics and science. The skills that students develop in CRIB may even impact their future career opportunities. 

Our students also use some of their projects to represent CalCC at several external competitions such as RoboRave and Immerse High.


Opti-MINDS is a creative sustainability challenge designed to empower participants to think, create and communicate. It provides an opportunity for those with a passion for learning and problem solving to showcase their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way.

Students are given an opportunity to compete against other schools, problem solving and collaborating using actual thinking skills to solve open-ended challenges in Language Literature, Media Communication, Science Engineering and Social Sciences.

Opti-MINDS helps students to develop diverse skills, including time management and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and demanding environment. It provides a platform for excellence and equips participants with strategies and skills which will support future success.

Lego &


Our LEGO club is a popular lunchtime activity where students explore design and construction and have fun. LEGO Club is a great way for children to develop their social skills as well as strengthening creative thinking, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving.


Chess offers a vast array of benefits for both academic and social development. Chess enhances memory, concentration and problem-solving skills. It fosters students’ aptitude for forward planning, creativity and team building. Chess requires students to develop their adaptability and independent decision-making skills.

In Primary, we offer a weekly Chess club each Wednesday from 3:15 pm-4:00 pm. This is run by a fantastic company, ChessMates, for a small weekly fee. ChessMates is catered to each student’s needs and skills and is open to anyone from Prep to Year 6. Enrolled students also have the opportunity to participate in interschool competitions with other local schools at various times throughout the year.



Debating teams compete with other Secondary schools in a team-based public speaking competition where students present differing views on a particular issue and argue in favour of their position.

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