LEaders & Staff

At CalCC, our staff are committed Christians who feel personally called to serve our learning community and support our students to learn and grow.

They are dedicated to the care, nurture and education of each student and passionate about journeying alongside each one to help them reach their full potential.

They are role models to our students, speaking and acting in a way that honours God and reflects the values and ethos of CalCC.

They are here to support each student to develop a strong sense of personhood and belonging, so they graduate excited to take their place in the world and ready to make their unique contribution.

We believe that with Christ we flourish as individuals and as a learning community.

We seek God’s grace to live out our Christian faith with sincerity and integrity and to act with compassion and courage in our everyday lives.

It is our prayer that we will model these values and impart them to our students so they might go on to be part of creating a better world and a brighter future.



Vince Wakefield

Vince Wakefield



Over 25 years’ experience as an educator, including 15 years in transformative executive leadership. Specialising in Pedagogical Development, Teacher Professional Development, Middle Years, International Student Education and Culture Development. Passionate to see children develop a strong foundation for life and to reach for the stars both academically and personally.

Beryl Hastie

Beryl Hastie

Business Manager

Beryl, the business manager at Caloundra Christian College for 15 years, combines a wealth of experience in educational operations and management. Her visionary leadership helps steer CalCC towards a bright future. Beyond her professional realm, Beryl founded an organization dedicated to fostering and enhancing family relationships, showcasing her commitment to community welfare.


Amber-Lee Donahoo

Amber-Lee Donahoo

Head of Secondary Learning Community


Dr Donahoo is passionate about teaching eager minds, advocating for those in need and empowering others to thrive in their potential. In previous leadership roles she led the strategic portfolio for Inclusive Education and Differentiated Teaching and Learning, identified and tracked academically at-risk students, developed a range of programs to respond to the needs of curriculum areas and students, improved student outcomes and redesigned and implemented a Student Improvement Mentor program. Amber has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Neuroscience.

Luke Bracks

Luke Bracks

Head of Primary Learning Community


Almost 30 years’ experience as an educator, including nearly 20 years in executive leadership. Specialising in remedial and gifted education, building teacher capacity and curriculum design. Focussed on a holistic Christian education underpinned by character development, academic rigour and a pursuit for fostering wisdom in all. 


Bianca Vieiro

Bianca Vieiro

Director of Teaching and Learning


Over 25 years’ experience as an educator and leader in the area of Science, Mathematics and student leadership development. Specialising in transformative learning and leadership, pedagogical practices, teacher professional development and teaching with a Christian distinctive. Passionate to create an environment that requires critical and creative thinking, a sense of investigation, discovery and application whilst setting high expectations and enhancing academic excellence and wellbeing in both students and staff. Bianca has a Masters of Educational Leadership and is nationally accredited as a Lead Teacher.

I like how teachers have integrity in admitting their mistakes, and never lose their cool. I like how they try to make a positive impact on our lives through their foundations for life and learning. I love their positive encouragement and the “I don’t stand for bullying” personalities of teachers and students.

– Samantha, Student

 I love writing cards. Yesterday we wrote a card for someone who was leaving the school. We drew pictures and wrote a nice message. It made me feel good. I also like learning about animals and their habitats.  I smile at people and if someone seems lonely, I ask them if they are okay to let them know someone cares.

Eden, Student

CalCC is amazing because the teachers listen and help you when you need to ask questions. The students are friendly and make you feel comfortable when you start.

It’s fun because there are lots of fun afternoon sports you can join and create friends.

– Isaiah, Student