what is a

christian school?

As our name suggests, Caloundra Christian School (CalCC) is a Christian school. So, what exactly does that mean?

We have a Christian mission

Children are multidimensional and we believe their education should be too. As a Christian School, we care for the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of every child in our care, helping them to become well-rounded young adults.

At the heart of what we do is the belief that every child is created in the image of God and that they have a purpose unique to them. We nurture the development of that purpose and help students become all they were created to be. We get to know every child personally and tailor their education to their individual needs, learning styles and life goals.

Our vision is Christian

Our vision for every student is for them to live a fulfilling and purposeful life where they contribute their unique gifts to making our world a better place. We encourage students to be concerned about the welfare of others and to use their gifts to make a difference locally and globally.

We are a Christian community

CalCC is a faith-based authentic learning community, a place where we practise grace, hope, faith and love, understanding these are formative in children’s development and that their impact will endure. Our goal is to help each child experience a strong sense of belonging, safety and acceptance within our community.


A Christian perspective

CalCC offers exceptional teaching in line with all the requirements of the Queensland Education Department. We also bring faith to our teaching, embedding a Christian perspective in every subject.

Christian Studies and weekly Junction (Chapel) present topical, relevant and thought-provoking messages from God’s Word. These are designed to have real-life applications for students.

We espouse Christian values

Our Christian beliefs inspire everything that we do and Christian values are at the core of our Foundations for Life and Learning. Faith, integrity, compassion and courage are living, guiding principles at CalCC.


We have Christian staff

Staff attend regular Christian devotions and prayer to be better equipped to serve and encourage the young people in our care. Together, staff form an intentional collective that believes every student is of great value with a future of eternal significance.

We provide Christian-based care

Wellbeing is key to success at College and in life and our desire is that students grow to be the person God designed them to be, living life abundantly. Teaching staff are on hand to befriend and mentor students and our wellbeing team, our College Counsellor and Chaplain, provide an extra layer of care and support through creative and compassionate interactions and material based on Biblical wisdom.

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